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South Street Music International Promoti

Where the Music in Philly Strikes at the Heart of
Your Soul

“South Street Music International”

“South Street Music International”

(in development; History:  Readings with actors from Alan Feinstein Acting Studio, Los Angeles; and New Playwrights Foundation, Santa Monica, 2018).

The Case of the Secret Affairs Promo Pho

. . . Tell me about the problems you and your
husband are having . . . I’m here to help. . .

“The Case of the Secret Affairs”

“The Case of the Secret Affairs” (in development; adapted from full-length musical, “Marriage Counseling”).

Taxi Medallion Story Photo.png

The Greatest Entrepreneurial Opportunity with the Greatest Iconic NYC Taxi

 “Taxi Medallion Story”

“Taxi Medallion Story” (in development; History: Reading with actors from Alan Feinstein Acting Studio, Los Angeles, 2018).

Crust of Bread and Such Promo Photo.jpg

When a man faces the dilemma of asking for help

“Crust of Bread and Such”

“Crust of Bread and Such (in development; History:  Developed in course at Einhorn School for Performing Arts, Primary Stages, NYC, 2017).

Arrivals and Departures Promo Photo.png

 “Arrivals and Departures”

“Arrivals and Departures” (Production history:  Selected scene performed, Main Library Auditorium, Santa Monica; Producer: New Playwrights Foundation, 2000).

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